Western Technical is a telecommunications company that specializes in cellular towers. We proudly offer the following services and deliver in depth reports in a professional and timely manner.

Mappings and Inspections

We offer an array of inspections including the following:
Mount Mapping
Tower Mapping
Plumb and Tension
Tower Inspection Audit
Pre Modification Mapping
Post Modification Inspection
Bolt Inspections
Rooftop Mapping
Water Tank Mapping


We perform all steel structural reinforcements on all tower types including steel fabrication, welding, foundation reinforcements.
Steel Fabrication
Guy Wire Install
Plumb and Tension
Anchor Rod Install
Concrete Foundations
Steel Structural Reinforcements


Site maintenance including compound, tower, and lighting maintenance.
About Us
Jason Codding founded Western Technical in 2012. He started in the industry in 1999 completing civil construction and full site builds. Jason has managed projects erecting towers from the ground up. He specializes in cellular tower mappings, inspections and modifications. Jason has 20 years of climbing experience.

JuAnne Codding helped found Western Technical in 2012. Before joining the industry, she obtained 8 years of banking experience at USAA. JuAnne maintains office duties including accounting and human resources. She also overseas all operations for tower mappings, inspections and modifications. JuAnne has 5 years of climbing experience.

Western Technical was established with the climber in mind. Believing in safety first, 100% tie-off, 24/7, ALWAYS. We maintain an in-house trainer that properly trains our crews and ensures the best safety equipment is available to our climbers.

Meet The Team

Jason Codding
Chief Executive Officer
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JuAnne Codding
Chief Financial Officer
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